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Way cooler than you

Name? Samantha, but Sam is just fine.
Age? 17.
Location? Northern Virginia, United States.

Milk? Although most of the time I prefer my tea plain, I do enjoy some milk and honey every so often. And I'm not one to turn down a chai tea ^_^
Sugar? 3 lumps. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, though it does depend on the tea.
Herbal? Scrumptious. Green tea, Tazo, peppermint, they're all okay in my book.
Fruit? Generally yes, but I suppose it depends on the flavor. For example, raspberry tea is quite good, while blueberry tea... not so much.

I feel like elborating a little bit more on my tea habits (hope that's okay ^_^): I can't stand weak tea- I need my tea strong. I've just discovered English Breakfast Tea, which I am now addicted too. Although a bit of warning, it does need some sugar in it. The worst tea I've ever tried was eggnogg flavored tea. I don't know what compeled me to try it, but it was a horrible experience and I recomend you to NEVER go near eggnogg flavored tea. Seriously, just stay away. I also love bubble tea! My friend Emily turned me on to it a couple years ago & I still love the stuff. For those of you that don't know what bubble tea is, it's basically cold tea (usually a sweet flavor like honey or green tea or a fruit flavor) with tapioca gummie ball things at the bottom. It's generally found at chinese resturaunts or asian markets. They are so so good ^_^

Why do you want to be here? Because I love tea and I would make this community into one giant tea party.
Why should we accept you? Just look at my layout... ^_^

What thinks you of that archenemy of tea, coffee? Although coffee is nowhere near as good as tea (tea can be perfectly fine on its own, but with coffee you need milk or sugar or something to make it taste better) I do enjoy the occasional cappucino.

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Pics [at least 2, of you or your tea habit]:
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Prom last year
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Posing for the camera.
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My newly dyed pink hair.
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No makeup ^_^
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Me & my boyfriend of 2+ years.
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The collection of teacups on my kitchen wall, complementary of my great grandmother. And no, they're not hanging crooked I just took a bad picture ^_^

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