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[Way cooler than you]

Name? Sarah, or Rah
Age? Nineteen
Location? Leeds

Milk? Soymilk!
Sugar? Two
Herbal? I try to drink Green Tea sometimes, but it's horrid really.
Fruit? Fruit tea is AWFUL - even worse than green.

Why do you want to be here? Tea is sexy
Why should we accept you? Because I'm even sexier than tea ... or possibly because I'm in the first ten members.

What thinks you of that archenemy of tea, coffee? It's alright occasionally, but it gives you bad breath and stains your teeth like tea doesn't. Americans are daft, drinking coffee instead of tea on a morning? Ridiculous!

Promote us & show the link: fluffyblankets We can affiliate if you wish too, tea & blanets go together very well!

Pics [at least 2, of you or your tea habit]:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me, obviously.

Image hosting by Photobucket

The best brew, obviously.

Sarah x
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